Sunday, May 19, 2013


 Get the url of the file. If you are using google search, follow these steps.

1. Google the topic of the file with the preferred  file format. 

2. Right click on the preferred search result and copy the link address.

3. Go to

4. Copy the url in the text box and click generate link

5. You will get the page as shown below

6. Copy the url of the actual file (Here you can find the actual url of the file as in the image below, because google search does not provides the actual address when we are using 'copy the link addeess')

7. Click back and paste the link on the same text box and click generate link. One link 'clcik here ' will appear. Click on that, as shown in the image below

8. Hurray ...! You have done it ? To save the document as pdf click on the 'File' from menu and select 'print(PDF)' or ctlr+s. You can also download the original file by clicking 'Download the original'.

We don't need MSOFFICE any more.. we can even EDIT the files online.... :)

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