Monday, January 11, 2016

Failed to mount cgroups hierarchy at '/sys/fs/cgroup/freezer': 'freezer' is already attached to another hierarchy - MESOS

Error Log

While trying to start a slave in mesos cluster the following error may occur.

I0107 12:13:11.110400 18698 slave.cpp:585] Slave terminating
I0112 10:42:21.503870  9978 main.cpp:185] Build: 2015-10-12 20:59:28  
I0112 10:42:21.504222  9978 main.cpp:187] Version: 0.25.0
I0112 10:42:21.504257  9978 main.cpp:190] Git tag: 0.25.0
I0112 10:42:21.504278  9978 main.cpp:194] Git SHA: 2dd7f7ee115fe00b8e098b0a10762a4fa8f4600f
I0112 10:42:21.508028  9978 containerizer.cpp:143] Using isolation: posix/cpu,posix/mem,filesystem/posix
Failed to create a containerizer: Could not create MesosContainerizer: Failed to create launcher: Failed to create Linux launcher: Failed to mount cgroups hierarchy at '/sys/fs/cgroup/freezer': Failed to create directory '/sys/fs/cgroup/freezer': No such file or directory


add --launcher=posix to the slave start command.

That is,

mesos-slave --master=MASTER_IP:5050 

update the above command with the following 

mesos-slave --master=MASTER_IP:5050 --launcher=posix 

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