Thursday, April 30, 2015

Building chromium from source code with depot_tools

     Install depot_tools

  1. Confirm git is installed. git 2.2.1+ recommended.
  2. Fetch depot_tools: (from home directory)
    $ git clone
  3. Add depot_tools to your ~/.bashrc file :
export GYP_GENERATORS=ninja
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/depot_tools
export CHROME_DEVEL_SANDBOX=$HOME/chromium/src/out/Debug/chrome_sandbox
    • Yes, you want to put depot_tools ahead of everything else, otherwise gcl will refer to the GNU Common Lisp compiler.

    Get the Chromium Source Code

create a new directory chromium in home
mkdir ~/chromium
cd ~/chromium
git clone --depth 1

The depth argument results in a shallow clone so that you don't pull down the massive history. You can remove it if you want full copy. It will take a lot of time (~30 minutes) to complete

cd ~/chromium/src

fetch —nohooks —no-history chromium —nosvn=True

This also take a lot of time to fetch.

Install any necessary dependencies

$ ./build/

Run post-sync hooks
Finally, runhooks to run any post-sync scripts

$ gclient runhooks -force

ninja -C out/Debug chromium

Set Up the Sandbox

cd ~/chromium/src
ninja -C out/Debug chrome_sandbox
sudo chown root:root out/Debug/chrome_sandbox
sudo chmod 4755 out/Debug/chrome_sandbox

Run Chromium

cd ~/chromium/src

Run shell script out/Debug/chrome-wrapper
If sandbox error shows please run this command for disable sandbox and run. (Please note, withut sandbox, security issues may come)

./out/Debug/chrome-wrapper --no-sandbox %U

Here we go, browse using your own browser ... :) 

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